Mikhail Panchenko

Mikhail Panchenko
Infrastructure Engineer, Opsmatic, Inc

Website | @mihasya

Mike is the CTO of Opsmatic. He works with his team on building a reliable service for making the daily lives of frontline operators and engineers better.

Before that, he worked on distributed storage at Urban Airship (by way of SimpleGeo). His job entailed figuring out how to store and query large amounts of data in a horizontally scalable data store, while ensuring that the system ran smooth as butter and was easy to operate.

Before that, he spent 3 years at Yahoo! performing a variet of roles. Initially hired to the Ops Tools team to work on infrastructure projects such as DNS automation, he then went on to spread his time around on automating abuse/spam prevention, rebuilding the offline batch processing system, optimizing database queries, building out high-profile integrations, and rescuing kittens at Flickr.

When not writing code, Mike spends his time surfing, playing soccer, occasionally giving talks at conferences, and learning about how computers work.


Workshop 2006
Mikhail Panchenko (Opsmatic, Inc), Derek Smith (SimpleGeo), Paul Lathrop (SimpleGeo, Inc.), Michael Malone (SimpleGeo)
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(3.20, 5 ratings)
The hype cycle is at a high for cloud computing, distributed "NoSQL" data storage, and high availability map-reducing eventually consistent distributed data processing frameworks everywhere. Back in the real world we know that these technologies aren't a cure-all. But they're not worthless, either. Read more.
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