Creating a Great Research and Design Culture at Your Startup

Laura Klein (Users Know)
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Have you been struggling to incorporate great design and
user research into your startup’s every day life? Do you know the best way
to make sure every product you release is a fantastic user experience? Come
share your ideas, suggestions, stories, and questions about how to improve
the design and research process for startups.

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Laura Klein

Users Know

Laura has been working in Silicon Valley for over 15 years in both
engineering and user experience roles. She currently consults with
lean startups and other small companies to help them connect with
their customers and build better products.

Before Users Know, Laura was a Design Director at Sliced Bread Design,
where she worked with companies of all sizes, including Plantronics,
Intuit, Adobe, and Yummly. She has also worked as both a senior
interaction designer and software engineer at several successful
startups, including IMVU, Onlink Technologies, and Junglee. She
frequently blogs about design, usability, metrics, and product
management at Users Know.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Stanford University.

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Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
03/30/2011 9:28am PDT

@Laura, that’s what I was thinking too.

@David, are you a bot? ;)

Picture of Laura Klein
Laura Klein
03/30/2011 9:14am PDT

There will eventually be a blog post about this, but there wasn’t a deck for it, since it’s just a conversation.

Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
03/30/2011 9:06am PDT

Will there be a link shared for this presentation? Thanks!

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