Get Me a Mobile Strategy or You're Fired!*

Jason Grigsby (Cloud Four)
Focus on Mobile
Location: 2010
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Learn the DOs and DON’Ts of a Successful Mobile Strategy.

Mobile continues to be the hottest technology sector. The iPhone has reached 3 billion downloads. Android devices are now available on every major carrier in the United States. And the mobile web once again doubled last year.

People and businesses are waking up to the reality that mobile is the next big thing.

With this realization comes another pressing question: What should our mobile strategy be?

Similar to the early days of the Internet, we’re seeing companies answer this fundamental question in many different ways.

Learn from both the outstanding success and cringe-worthy failures of others as you begin to formulate your plans for navigating the mobile landscape.

Finally, we’ll look at methods for evaluating mobile strategies based on demographics, mobile context, and the unique characteristics of mobile devices.

  • Title of session borrowed from John Battelle’s excellent blog post.
Photo of Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby

Cloud Four

Jason Grigsby was one of the project leads on the Obama iPhone Application and helped design the user inferface for the Wall Street Journal’s Blackberry application. He founded and organizes Mobile Portland, a local mobile group.

Jason is a co-founder of Cloud Four, a small start-up focused on mobile and web development. He blogs at and provides a frequent updates about mobile on Twitter.

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Picture of Thomas Hornick
Thomas Hornick
05/04/2010 11:01am PDT

Jason did a great job in 50 minutes. Very worthwhile.

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