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The power of less is the power of data to know what works and what to cut. It’s the power of less control; finding the right ways to free your brand and your assets. It’s the power of niche communities to take ownership of your brand and market for you. It’s the power of more traffic from less marketing when you harness not only advanced SEO, but the integration of social media.

When marketing budgets get cut, your customers are tightening their belts, and the company is looking to you to keep the money coming in, it’s time to employ the power of less. Here’s how we can help you thrive during the downturn.

Curt Doolittle (Ascentium), Susan MacDermid (Real Branding), Renny Gleeson (Weiden & Kennedy), Elizabeth Ross (Tribal DDB), John Durham (Catalyst SF)
This session explores the challenges top agencies face and the creative efforts to move individuals, teams and management into a more progressive era.
Bob Buch (Digg)
Web publishers from the New York Times to CollegeHumor have recognized the importance of social media as a major driver of traffic. This session will explore the best practices employed by the publishers who have most successfully integrated social media into their platforms.
Kate Niederhoffer (Dachis Corporation), Marc Smith (Telligent Systems)
As our media model transforms, how do the metrics evolve? Moving beyond buzz levels, this presentation offers new methods to gauge the depth of interactions and emotional connections online, offering a new model of ROI.
Mark Silva (Real Branding)
This 3 hour workshop presents brand owners with a structured approach to developing a strategy, taking into account the unique needs of their own brand and market position. This highly interactive session gives attendees the chance to try it out for themselves, working collaboratively with other attendees and working through examples with real-world brands in attendance.
Maggie Fox (Social Media Group), Scott Monty (Ford Motor Company)
Most enterprises treat communications assets like product, tightly controlling distribution to a select few. But enterprise-level marketing and communications functions deal in information, not product. What happened when one of the world's largest companies recognized this new reality and decided to kick down the walls, aggregate their digital content, embrace Creative Commons & set it all free?
Brian Oberkirch (Small Good Thing), Deborah Schultz (
The most interesting problems on the Web are social, not technical. Marketing on the hyperconnected Web means crafting ongoing experiences that inspire, inform, evolve. We'll show you how sites like Dogster, Etsy, Moo, Photojojo and others parlay initial passions into deep, sustained, active communities, without gimmicks, shortcuts or taking more than they give.
Jascha Franklin-Hodge (Blue State Digital)
Marketers and activists alike have taken notice of the strategies and tactics that helped put Barack Obama in the White House. Jascha will discuss the tools and techniques used by the presidential campaign’s record breaking online efforts.
Stephan Spencer (The Art of SEO)
Whether you are a developer or a marketer, a seasoned expert or a newbie, this workshop is for you. Stephan will run through all the different requirements for a website that will ensure SEO success — from crafting content and code for search engines to essential tools and methodologies.
William Gaultier (e-Storm International), Chris Heuer (Social Media Club, AdHocnium), Michael Walsh (Social Media Club), Isabelle Christensen (REC Solar), Jeanette Gibson (Cisco)
As Social Media has grown, so has the complexity of figuring out which solutions and which service providers are right for your business. This is a very practical session based on the real-world experiences of marketers who've braved the uncharted waters of buying social media services and advertising.
Janetti Chon (Battellemedia), Peter Kim (Dachis Group), Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research)
Join gurus @peterkim @jowyang and community manager @janerri for a Q&A session on all things social media. An experiment in crowdsourcing questions and crowdsourcing answers - this is your opportunity to ask whatever hasn't been addressed, discuss your burning curiosities, and share your case studies and experiences.
Tara Hunt (Buyosphere)
Everyone knows about blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. And they’ve heard about someone who has used them to grow a huge customer base. Everyone wants to be hands-on, grass roots and interactive. But what does this mean? And how do you do it? The Whuffie Factor will provide the strategic map and specific tactics for success in the world of online communities.
Craig Hordlow (Red Bricks Media)
Sure, you know how to create standard reports, but what can you do if you really dig into the analytics? In our session, we’ll show you how to easily create in-depth analytics reports using a variety of sources.
Angel Djambazov (Jones Soda)
Session details how Jones Soda turned interactive campaigns with I Can Has Cheezburger and the Graffiti Facebook application into unique opportunities that leveraged online engagement to drive offline retail sales. Highlights: ~Partnering with the right community ~Balancing between brand integrity and community voice ~Enticing retail distributors ~Running tandem online and offline campaigns
Alistair Croll (Solve For Interesting), Sean Power (Watching Websites)
This session looks at what web operators need to monitor from performance and uptime to analytics, usability, communities, and competitors. In an Internet filled with mashups, RIAs, and mobile devices, the task of watching websites is increasingly challenging. Fortunately, a variety of new technologies and approaches help us keep watch on our websites and our Internet presence.
Matt Walsh (Crispin Porter + Bogusky)
Using our recently launched “Whopper Sacrifice” Facebook Application as a case study, this session will explore the challenges we face and the techniques we use to bring complex ideas to life in simple executions.
Peter Kim (Dachis Group), Charlene Li (Altimeter Group), Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research)
Social media usage by individuals has gone mainstream, but marketing efforts by brands are ⌘-c, ⌘-v of old content into new channels. This session will propose answers to critical questions on the table today - measurement, scalability, organization - and help marketing think through the issues to make social media marketing matter.
Micki Krimmel (Sugar Packet Inc.)
What makes an effective Community Manager? How can we apply the Community Manager's approach to all aspects of running a business? In this session we will work together to create a list of best practices and then discuss what we might be able to learn from them.


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  • HiveLive, Inc.
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  • Jive Software
  • Juniper Networks
  • Kapow Technologies
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  • LithiumTechnologies
  • Nokia
  • nomee
  • Qtask
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • Remy
  • TamTamy
  • Vignette
  • Yola (fka SynthaSite)
  • Znak
  • IBM
  • eBay
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • EffectiveUI
  • Germany Trade & Invest
  • NeuStar
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